SSC IMD Scientific Assistant Analysis (22/11/2017) with Topics & Questions asked !

The SSC IMD Scientific Assistant Exam started from today i.e. on 22nd November & will continue till 25th November 2017.
First time in IMD history exam for the recruitment of Scientific Assistant Exam is taking place in online mode across various exam centers.
The SSC IMD Scientific exam was of 2 hour consisting of total 200 marks.


SECTIONNo. of QuestionsTime
Non-Technical100120 Minutes
Candidates have to solve 200 questions comprising 2 sections i.e. Technical & Non – Technical. There will be no separate timing for each section
Section I was common for all the candidates consisting total 100 questions of  Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness and English.
SUBJECTNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
General Intelligence & Reasoning25Easy
General Awareness25Tough
Quantitative Aptitude25Moderate
English Language & Comprehension25Easy
Section 2 had three options Computer, Electronics, and Physics. Only one of the three subjects was to be chosen for Part 2. Section 2 is also objective based.

For Computer Science Paper

Maximum Questions were definition based and easy for CS/IT Students. Most of the Questions asked in Section 2 (CS/IT) are from following Topics:
  • OS,  DBMSCN, Web
  • Networking 5-6 Questions
  • Technology and Software Engineering.
  • 4output questions from C & Java
  • OSDeadlock, SynchronizationPage tableVirtual MemoryConceptual questions.
  • DBMS:Query and conceptual questions
  • Data Structure: lnfix and Postfix
  • 34 questions from GIS like full form of GIS
  • PHOTRON – Numerical
  • Some questions on CACHE
  • Algorithms 2-3 Complexity Based Questions
  • 0ctal to hexa conversion
  • Data Link Layer Function
  • Blockcode
  • Program Architecture
  • Questions on Kernel
  • Scheduling algorithm
  • Fortran Language problems

For Electronics & Communication Paper

Maximum Questions were definition based and easy for ECE Students. Most of the Questions asked in Section 2 (ECE) are from following Topics:
  • Communication System
  • Antenna
  • Clipper & Clamper
  • SI Unit
  • Inductance
  • Diode, Transistor

For Physics Paper

Maximum Questions were definition based and easy for Physics Students. Most of the Questions askein Section 2 (Physics) are from following Topics:
  • AMU
  • ESU
  • Thermodynamics rules
  • Refraction
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Rainbow
  • Bohr radius relation with principle quantum number!
  • Elastic constant dimensional equal to which physical property?
  • Energy of nth state hydrogen atom.
  • Focal length related.
  • Magnetic force due to conductor of length L.
  • Electrostatic force at distance r for many charges.
  • Transistor related common emitter.
  • From the given circuit calculate the current and equivalent resistance through the circuit.
  • Capacitive energy
  • What we do by venchuri meter and Bernoullirelated questions.
  • nodes – antinodes
  • Doppler effect
Those students who are yet to appear for SSC Scientific Assistant Exam can make most of it. This article on SSC Scientific Assistant Analysis will provide you the level of difficulty of each section along with weight-age of Questions asked from each topic.